Regenerative Medicine Technology

The GFP Technology™ is a game-changing technology with a specific formulation discovered after years of rigorous research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. GFP delivers a proprietary formulation of bioactive peptides, exceptionally potent growth factors, and vital youth proteins to deliver an elite and science based skin care product.

Changing the Face of Skin Care™

Over the past two decades the biotechnology industry has developed the first generation of growth factor, protein, and extracellular matrix technologies for cosmetics, with significant strides made understanding how to utilize the power of biotechnology. CellCeuticals™ scientific team is proud to have unlocked the code once again for the next-generation active cosmetics, delivering the latest advancements in science with super-potent growth factors and other powerful molecules responsible for keeping skin youthful.

GFP Technology™ recharges skin with a mega-dose of regenerative power to preserve, renew, and regenerate skin to a fabulous look and vibrant glow.